Misfit Moon Productions


Misfit Moon Productions focuses on producing independent, original material using the mediums of moving pictures, music, theatre/live performances, photography and art.

Besides our own productions, we are here to help you tell your story.

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News & Event Highlights

Mar, 2019: Original music piece Floating Meditation Bowl is now available on the meditation app Insight Timer.

Dec, 2018: Another new original music piece has been added to the collection. Floating Meditation Bowl begins with three minutes of a Tibetan singing bowl, then progresses into relaxing musical chords.

Oct, 2018: New original music has been posted! Take a listen to the Longest Dive here

Sep, 2018: Updated website, including the introduction of The Wardobe section, focusing on MMP's work in costuming for theatrical productions, The Sewing Room, and a fully updated Creative Projects page for Original Music

Jul, 2018: New original piece by Helen S. released just in time for a Reggae Summer!

Jul, 2018: Music Video by artist Amy Obenski, directed by Evan Morrison, just released! MMP providing costuming: In Each Other's Arms

Jun, 2017: MMP provides wardrobe design for the Mountain Community Theatre (MCT) production of Vanya, Sonya, Masha and Spike

Mar, 2016: Take a look at the new addition to Creative Projects: Moss Fairies