Misfit Moon Productions

Original Music: Floating Meditation Bowl

Now available on the meditation app Insight Timer.

I am Floating through Stillness, as the waves of an ambient Tibetan bowl carries me further into the Cosmos, to a space of infinite musical memory. This is a moment of pure relaxation; where I decide to float away, or become ever present in stillness. Transported to a moment of true bliss, time stands still, yet floats gently by.

This composition begins with three minutes of a Tibetan singing bowl, then progresses into relaxing musical chords, then returns to the Tibetan bowl.


"This is perfect for meditation. The beginning bowls helped me to settle in and the ending bells remind me to come back. Thank you." – Anchorage, AK

"I really loved the way the initial sounds calmed and grounded me. Then the ascending chords enabled my spirit to soar, before bringing me back to the calmness." – Australia

"Very relaxing. Mixture of the Tibetan singing bowls and the music was lovely. Shared" – Chichester, UK

"One of my favorites." - South Carolina, US

Original Music: Longest Dive

Ambient Hawaiian waves lead into relaxing solo piano while waiting on the beach. The surf is right, the water is warm, we dive in and follow schools of fish and islands of coral. The Dive is long, but worth it; we surface in another space of the coast, a beautiful underwater swim!

Original Music: Reggae Summer

Fun Reggae piece composed with Apple Loops.

Original Music: Crickets & Bowls

Crickets and Bowls is an original composition by Helen S. of MMP. Using Tibetan singing bowls and natural background sound effects.

Crickets and Bowls is also a featured piece on the International Meditation site ‘Insight Timer’ and has earned a high rating of 4.6 out 5 stars! We are most grateful to our listeners and supporters.


"Wonderfully atmospheric." – A.B., London, UK

"Clever and comforting use of healing sound. Thank you!" – J.C., Ottawa, Canada

"Wauw, great one! This will be one of my favorite singing bowl music tracks. Thank you." – J.P., Netherlands

"Soothing, relaxing and enjoyable." -T.H., St. Louis

"Seems to stimulate the 1st, 6th and 7th chakras. Very Interesting. I enjoyed this meditation." – S.G., Canada

Original Music: Perfect Sunrise

Inspired by an early morning drive along Skyline Boulevard, early spring.

Original Music: Antarctica

Massive mounds of ice silently sit as we float by on the icy ocean. Inspired by a friend who was there on a trip.

Photo Credit: Saira Kennedy

Original Music: Summer Camp

This fun piece was made with a group of youths I was working with during Fine Arts Summer Camp one year.

Original Music: Saira & Humm

Gliding through forest streams, walking through wooded lands; the sound of the trees echoes in our minds and in our hearts.

Original Music: Something New

Digging deep, reaching down and pulling up the remnants of our souls. This piece was also featured as the title music for Veteran's Day: A Cinepoem short film. The film has gone on to be featured at festivals including SF GI Film Fest, WTF Film Fest, Long Beach Indie and International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts-LA.


Something New 6.7.13 "Says nothing yet so soulful, relaxing."

Original Music: All I Ever Wanted

All I Ever Wanted was to love you, but you left. The End.

Photo Credit: Morena Timm


All I Ever Wanted "SO AMAZING"